Firearm Importation and Information

Hunters who would like to bring their own firearms need to download the files shown below.   The “Additional Information SAP 520 Form” will explain exactly how to fill in the “Firearm Importation SAP 520” form. The “Additional Information SAP 520 Form” will also explain all other information that is needed and what needs to accompany your application form, for the importation of your firearm. If all of the paperwork is completed before your arrival, the process of clearing the firearm at customs at the airport will be sped up considerably.

Firearm Importation SAP520.pdf

Additional information SAP520 Form.pdf



For those hunters who would not like to go through the trouble of bringing their own rifles, we also have rifles for hire.

We have several Blaser R93 rifles in calibres ranging from .30-06, .300 WM and .375 H&H. These rifles are equipped with Zeiss optics and are of the highest standard. The cost of rifle hire is € 30 per day and ammunition at cost price.


If you have any other questions regarding firearms kindly contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it